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Weekend Rewind


Whew! It's been a crazy week. Finishing up all my work for class, visiting galleries and open studios, and freaking out about my own potential new studio space which is no longer potential but actual. Jeaze Louise... just a heads up, please give me a break if I start going nuts posting studio decor pictures. I'm a domestic freak at heart and this is going to be like creating a new little nest for me. My honey is stoked for me to finally have a place to 'decorate' away from our 'home'. Lol, let's him off the hook a bit I guess. Anyway, onto the week in review!

On Etsy: Take Me Home Ware: Charmingly sweet dishes I'm adding to my wish list. Darling colors and whimsical blue and white prints.

Tammie Rubin: Wall pieces that remind me of AJ Fosik's kick-ass wood sculptures. Plus Rubin cold finishes- hell yes.

Erin Furminsky: My new fave. Period.

Kuraoka Says to Know: Esther Shimazu: Workshop with Shimazu next Tuesday, I will take pictures I promise. She seems like a pretty amusing lady, I'm so stoked to meet her.

(image of jack-o-lanterns my honey and I carved on Thursday night)


Fetish Ghost

I just totally love Fetish Ghost's Pottery.  It would be so rustic and old school if it weren't for the sleek decals he adds. These are just examples of one style in his Etsy shop which you should all totally check out.  If I weren't saving up for my own studio I would totally nab one of Zygote's kick ass jars for myself.  Also, Zygote runs a pretty nifty blog with tons of useful info. See Muddy Bloggers list to the right.

P.S. I hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!

(images via artist's Etsy shop)

Off Subject: Friedensreich Hundertwasser

These buildings by architect and artist Friendensreich Hundertwasser are mind boggling.  I didn't know that such places of whimsy exist in real life for big people.  His paintings are also absolutely wonderful. And I want this book...

Just so you know...

(images via Hugh W Sansom, Wikipedia Commons, and Web Urbanist)


Studio Time: And the big studio news is?

We move in on Sunday.

Holy crapolla, I'm scared.

But I'm the most excited I've ever been in my life. 

This is the realization of my dreams.


P.S. I love Diana Fayt's studio. The colors are delicious and pump me up.  I think I will make my workspace colorful too.

(image via Diana Fayt's Flickr)

On Etsy: Take Me Homeware

artist's website

artist's Etsy shop

Why I like it: May Luk's Take Me Home Ware has wonderful images and again organically shaped porcelain and lovely colors. Plus I'm a big fan of any modern take on blue and white pottery. And a lovely little studio tour via The Storque.

(images via artist's etsy shop)

Tammie Rubin



Pretty cool.  I love the colors and the fact that this artist is using cake decoration techniques and rubber duckie imagery to create such abstract surrealist works.  She coats her pieces in acrylic I think and somehow this doesn't sit so well with me... hmmm. I feel like it would be even sharper of a piece if there were a hot finish.

(images via artist's own website)


Kuraoka Says to Know: Kate McBride

We're goin' all out girly today, I guess. Kathryn McBrides sculptures also delve into the question of modern femininity. McBride hails from my very own SFSU, where she earned both her BA and MA in the mid seventies. I want to like these sculptures, their content is interesting and funny, but visually they just took kinda dumb to me. Like bad kitchy figurines that I wouldn't even bother with at a thrift store. I know this is kinda harsh but it's true. And I don't like clowns. I do like the whole spider woman idea and the pig-drawn carriage, though. Ugh, it just reminds me of all the crap they are still pushing us to do at State- boring figurative work and trompe l'oiel. I'm over it.

(images via ULLABENULLA; artist portrait via Cabrillo College)

Shenny Cruces

Shenny Cruces is one of the three graduate students currently working in the SFSU ceramics department. I thought I would share some images of her work as I saw a show of hers at Ruby's Clay Studio over the weekend. I have a lot of respect for Shenny as an artist and just as another person working in the same space as me. She is an incredibly dedicated worker and that shines through in her pieces. She also has a few interesting things to say about the modern image of femininity which doesn't hurt. ;) It's hard to decipher her imagery in such small photographs, but in person these pieces are spectacular- gilded doves, birth control pills, mud-flap girls, baby carriages, condoms, barbie doll busts, slip cast lace, granny florals. Ugh, so many delicious layers, I could look forever.

(images via Illinois State University)

Erin Furminsky

Drooling. Like uncontrollably. I think her work might be my new addiction. It's almost too girly even for me, but still, the forms, the colors, the decals, the glazing, the sprigging...  You can find more images of her work on her website.

(images via accessCeramics)


Dewey Arsee

Okay... I don't really know who this guy is but I think I'm in love. I am a sucker for bold colors, line drawings, cultural reference, and smut. Please take a peak at the artist's website. His work is mostly erotic in nature, so be warned if you are easily queasy. But his work is bold. And I like that.

(images via artist's own website)

Kuraoka Says to Know: Esther Shimazu

Ooooh! We have a workshop today with Esther. and I am sooooo excited. Actually the workshop isn't until next Tuesday.  But I'm still completely stoked! Isn't her work amazing? Esther captures the essence of humor and lightheartedness so immaculately in her sculptures. Plus I love the details like the dimples and, forgive me if this is a little pervy, but the breasts and vulvas! Oh my goodness they are so voluptuous and joyful.

(images via artist's own website)

Eva Champagne

Eva Champagne is currently an artist in residence at Red Lodge Clay Center. Her work is beautiful and I am thoroughly in love with the first piece pictured which is titled Deep Melodies Wander. Just beautiful.

(images via artist's own website and Red Lodge Clay Center)

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter

Whew! These sculptures from Backa Carin Ivarsdotter are stunners... Wouldn't you agree?

(images via accessCeramics)


Meta Braconier

These pieces from Swedish artist Meta Braconier are so gorgeous. They remind me of the memory of a rainy day. Peak at her website for more images of these ethereal pieces.

(images via Konsthantverkscentrums)

Joanna Howells

 Delicious. Right?

(images via artist's own website)

(New) Tyler Dylan Lotz

Some new Tyler Lotz work for you.  Love the glacier theme.  So pertinent. Lotz is an example of a ceramic artist who is really breaking archaic boundaries.  He shamelessly pairs ceramic with other materials like hardware and acrylic paints.  The seamless coherence in his pieces applauds the confidence of such choices.


Weekend Rewind

Here we go again with a little weekend recap. Hope you're enjoying the October chill!

New Ceramics Mag?
: A must. If you don't get enough inspiration from Ceramics Monthly and all the pottery blogs you subscribe to, start reading this. I guarantee it will satiate.

Gitte Jungersen: Totally rockin' wall sculptures that inspire me greatly. And so precious... in a weird way.

Studio Dreams Dilema- Ugh!
: A must read if you care to be informed at all in the sagas of my life. At the moment I have committed to space in this 'new' studio but it is still in jeopardy as we have yet to fill the space with enough artists to cover the rent. Oh the agony! I will continue to update you.

On Etsy: Gleena: Just the sweetest pottery. Sometimes it calms me to see such gentle pieces. And Gleena has a wonderful blog about all sorts of things pottery related.

(image via Flickr user PFunkUltra)


Nancy Selvin

For some reason I just love Nancy Selvin's work. In such simple forms she manages to capture the nostalgia of one of humanity's most common objects. So rustic and just beautiful.

More images of Selvin's bottles can be found at the artist's website.

(images via the Pacini Lubel Gallery)

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