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Weekend Rewind

Here we go again with a little weekend recap. Hope you're enjoying the October chill!

New Ceramics Mag?
: A must. If you don't get enough inspiration from Ceramics Monthly and all the pottery blogs you subscribe to, start reading this. I guarantee it will satiate.

Gitte Jungersen: Totally rockin' wall sculptures that inspire me greatly. And so precious... in a weird way.

Studio Dreams Dilema- Ugh!
: A must read if you care to be informed at all in the sagas of my life. At the moment I have committed to space in this 'new' studio but it is still in jeopardy as we have yet to fill the space with enough artists to cover the rent. Oh the agony! I will continue to update you.

On Etsy: Gleena: Just the sweetest pottery. Sometimes it calms me to see such gentle pieces. And Gleena has a wonderful blog about all sorts of things pottery related.

(image via Flickr user PFunkUltra)

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