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Weekend Rewind


Whew! It's been a crazy week. Finishing up all my work for class, visiting galleries and open studios, and freaking out about my own potential new studio space which is no longer potential but actual. Jeaze Louise... just a heads up, please give me a break if I start going nuts posting studio decor pictures. I'm a domestic freak at heart and this is going to be like creating a new little nest for me. My honey is stoked for me to finally have a place to 'decorate' away from our 'home'. Lol, let's him off the hook a bit I guess. Anyway, onto the week in review!

On Etsy: Take Me Home Ware: Charmingly sweet dishes I'm adding to my wish list. Darling colors and whimsical blue and white prints.

Tammie Rubin: Wall pieces that remind me of AJ Fosik's kick-ass wood sculptures. Plus Rubin cold finishes- hell yes.

Erin Furminsky: My new fave. Period.

Kuraoka Says to Know: Esther Shimazu: Workshop with Shimazu next Tuesday, I will take pictures I promise. She seems like a pretty amusing lady, I'm so stoked to meet her.

(image of jack-o-lanterns my honey and I carved on Thursday night)

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