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Studio Time: And the big studio news is?

We move in on Sunday.

Holy crapolla, I'm scared.

But I'm the most excited I've ever been in my life. 

This is the realization of my dreams.


P.S. I love Diana Fayt's studio. The colors are delicious and pump me up.  I think I will make my workspace colorful too.

(image via Diana Fayt's Flickr)


Linda Fahey said...

I heard!!! Congratulations, can I come and hang out?

I'm sure it's going to be the place to be....

good luck.

FetishGhost said...


Claire said...

I'd love to come by and see it when you're all set up. Let me know!

Claire said...

PS- that blog you posted about those oddball houses... reminded me of the houses built by Spanish architect Gaudi. Check him out. He designed some really crazy, beautiful structures and had a pretty interesting life story.

onegrandhome said...

I'm late but congrats, congrats, congrats. May you create and prosper in your new space.

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