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Kuraoka Says to Know: Kate McBride

We're goin' all out girly today, I guess. Kathryn McBrides sculptures also delve into the question of modern femininity. McBride hails from my very own SFSU, where she earned both her BA and MA in the mid seventies. I want to like these sculptures, their content is interesting and funny, but visually they just took kinda dumb to me. Like bad kitchy figurines that I wouldn't even bother with at a thrift store. I know this is kinda harsh but it's true. And I don't like clowns. I do like the whole spider woman idea and the pig-drawn carriage, though. Ugh, it just reminds me of all the crap they are still pushing us to do at State- boring figurative work and trompe l'oiel. I'm over it.

(images via ULLABENULLA; artist portrait via Cabrillo College)

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