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Off Subject: A J Fosik

Aj Fosik is one of the few artists, thus far, whose work I have seen up close and personal. My friend had been raving to me about an acquaintance who owned a Fosik which was reportedly 'just laying around on the floor'. The context of this remark was simply a commentary on how amazing it must be to have a limitless budget for contemporary art. True, true. I am supremely jealous of the owners of the Fosik I encountered (which was at that point in time respectfully displayed). The artist's work is amazingly detailed, incredibley fresh, and dangerously imaginative. I bow down. BTW his sculptures are primarily created with wood.

Now, can I do that with clay?

(images via Jonathan Levine Gallery and artist's Flickr)

1 comment:

matthew_machine said...

At first I thought it WAS clay, and my mind was blown. I'm still really impressed though. LOVE the first and third one. Thanks for sharing!

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