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Sanam Emami

These pieces have such delicate color and decoration.  They remind me of a sweet négligée one might find in the top drawer of a lady's chest. I find myself quite drawn to such wispy details, I think because they seem magical somehow... Please visit Emami's website to see more of the artist's work including a collection of tulip vases that are to die for.

(images via accessCeramics)


Off Subject: Laurel Roth

I'm pretty bummed that I didn't make it to Roth's last show in San Francisco.  It would have been awesome to see these pieces up close.  I guess stopping by the gallery might be a good idea, they probably have a piece or two still up.  Anywho, aren't they wild? Walnut, gold leaf, and swarovski- damn!

(images via artist's own website)


Dryden Wells

Oh I just absolutely love these pieces!  They are beautiful and cute and interesting.  I love the combination of imagery and surface treatment. To view more of Wells' work and read a bit about the artist, you can visit his website.

(images via accessCeramics)


Courtney Murphy

Simplicity highlights the great skill.  I think Courtney Murphy's work is such an example. The abstract marks she uses, along with the bold colors, simple shapes, and gentle forms, illustrate that sometimes it's not how much you do that matters, but how well you do what you choose to.

(images via Mudfire Gallery and artist's own website)


Charles Thomas

I just adore the cheeky use of color in Thomas' pots.  And the texture and the shapes are soooo whimsical.  I think these might be pots one would come across in Whoville, don't you think?

In that spirit, I'd like to wish everyone celebrating a very happy Christmas... And for those of you who are celebrating different holidays this month, or none at all, I hope your day is just generally lovely and that everyone is enjoying the winter season!

(images via Pacini Lubel gallery)

Rain Harris

 I know these pieces are a little simple concept wise... but they are really interesting to look at and I would love to have one in my home. I love the decals, the colors, the shapes, and ooooh, that luster.

What do you think? How important is it that something have a strong concept?  Or is it more important that the piece is successful visually, meaning it stimulates your senses and imagination?

(images via artist's own website, which is really cute)


Off Subject: Lizzy Janssen

There is something so whimsical and cheerful about these illustrations or collages... I'm not quite sure what to call them, but it doesn't matter. They are charming.

via dear ada

(images via artist's website)

Adelaide Paul

Creepy and beautiful. Plus I love her use of leather in these pieces. I also found this video on Paul from 2007 when the artist won the Pew Fellowship in the Arts award.

(images via Ceramics Art Daily, Clark + Delvecchio, and NCECA)


On Etsy: Redasch Redware

artist's Etsy shop
artist's website

Why I like it: I'm just loving the modern takes I'm seeing lately on earthenware. I love the texture that the appliques create and the color of the glazes on Kari Radasch's work. Her pieces look good enough to eat, but I guess that's exactly what Radasch intends. I'm also a sucker for gold luster. Read a fun little article on her technique here at Ceramic Arts Daily.

(images via artist's Etsy shop)


Imiso Ceramics

Oh! I am loving these pieces from South African design collective Imiso Ceramics. Their work is bold and delicate and rustic all at once. It's no wonder shops all over the world are importing these pieces.

I could not possibly begin to share with you all the pieces that I would like to from this body of work so please visit Imiso's website as well as their Flickr photostream to read about the four artists and look at even more lovely pictures of their work.

(images via the collective's Flickr)


Kuraoka Says to Know: Robert Sperry

Robert Sperry... I was gonna brush him off as just another 'plate maker' from the sixties. But I dunno, these are pretty cool. I love the red one in the middle. And the textural quality seems pretty neat, too.

(images via Howard House, ArtSlant, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum)


Joe Davis

Groovy, huh? Especially with the rubber and flocking...

(images via artist's own website)


Off Subject: Michael Stevens

Speechless... I've never seen puppets look so bad-ass.

(images via artist's own website)

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