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On Etsy: Redasch Redware

artist's Etsy shop
artist's website

Why I like it: I'm just loving the modern takes I'm seeing lately on earthenware. I love the texture that the appliques create and the color of the glazes on Kari Radasch's work. Her pieces look good enough to eat, but I guess that's exactly what Radasch intends. I'm also a sucker for gold luster. Read a fun little article on her technique here at Ceramic Arts Daily.

(images via artist's Etsy shop)

1 comment:

Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

The last piece really speaks to me. It has a bit of formality that I like. The others....They are nice but I am in a place where I am a little weary of some of what I see as a lot of the child-like wonderment I see in a lot of Etsy pieces. I guess I am in a mood where I am looking for things that are a little darker, more brooding, etc.

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