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Sanam Emami

These pieces have such delicate color and decoration.  They remind me of a sweet négligée one might find in the top drawer of a lady's chest. I find myself quite drawn to such wispy details, I think because they seem magical somehow... Please visit Emami's website to see more of the artist's work including a collection of tulip vases that are to die for.

(images via accessCeramics)


Tim said...

Yes,very ethereal. Happy New Year!! Thanks for the great blog.

Naomi Cleary said...

this blog is lovely. i added it to my blog list. i have one too, http://naomicleary.blogspot.com/2009/12/handmade-breakfast-with-family.html

check it out, hope you like, perhaps you will add me to your list too.


Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

'Ethereal' is the word. I love the palette and the decoration. It's sweet.

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