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Kuraoka Says to Know: Robert Sperry

Robert Sperry... I was gonna brush him off as just another 'plate maker' from the sixties. But I dunno, these are pretty cool. I love the red one in the middle. And the textural quality seems pretty neat, too.

(images via Howard House, ArtSlant, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum)


Anonymous said...

Why would you brush him off as "just another plate maker from the sixties"? I dunno, just sounds kinda disrespectful. It bothers me when people who consider themselves artest turn their noises up at other people's work because they see them as less. I don't loose any sleep over it but it is something to be considered.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the misspelling...I really do know how to spell the word "artIst" :)

Jesse Lu said...

@ Anonymous 6:23-

I was going to 'brush him off as another plate maker from the sixties' because, personally, I don't care for the work of the plate makers, i.e. Peter Voulkos and Don Reitz. While I respect the historical and cultural importance of these artists and I appreciate greatly their contribution to the ceramic arts, and thus my ability to create the way that I do, aesthetically speaking I do not like their work.

I'm not turning my nose up at them. I don't find myself 'better' than them. These are greatly skilled and respectable artists. I am a student and can only dream of reaching the level of accomplishment they did, but... If I were to come face to face with one of these men, while I would be the first to thank them for their work, if they were to ask me if I liked their work? I wouldn't lie.

What I care for even less than the aesthetic of Voulkos and Reitz is when artists assume that by reaching some level of skill or visibility that everyone will love their work. Art is just as personal for the appreciator as the creator. Being offended because someone doesn't care for your work is like being offended because your third grade crush doesn't like you back.

One last thing, Anonymous 6:23, I don't appreciate that you turned my personal reflections on my personal blog into a litmus test for the level of respect I have for other artists. It was kinda rude and unfounded.

All that said, I think I will be writing more on this subject this week as an individual post and I would greatly appreciate your polite input into the discussion when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't mean to offend - just wanted to communicate that the way the post was worded it sounded disrespectful. I love your blog for the most part and appreciate the various types of work you expose your viewers to. Just thought the phrase you used was disrespectful - didn't mean to say you were, just the way you were communicating your thoughts. Glad to hear it's just a matter of you not enjoying the work but that you appreciate their talent, just as we all have types of work we like and don't like.

I'll just keep my thoughts to myself in the future (but I'll still be enjoying your blog) :) Certainly don't want you to feel like you have to defend yourself. I was just trying to explain how important the wording of a persons thoughts can be. Please accept my appology for any offense.

david john said...

great postings, and very thought provoking responses from both sides.

all the best,

really liking these plates!

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