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From the Desk of...

Jesse Lu at home

You have to check out this blog, from the desk of... It photo documents the work-spaces of creative professionals accompanied by great interviews. I don't know if I'm just a weird work-space voyeur or what, but there is something so alluring about seeing where the magic happens for other artists and designers.

Above is a shot of my own work-space (you can see my studio space in these posts) and below are some of my favorites from this fantastic blog... 

Aaron Meshon

Timothy Hull

Lisa Congdon

Olimpia Zagnoli

Sarah Hughes

I dare you all to snap  photos of your work-spaces and share them on your blog.s If you do, link back to this post so we can all see. ;)

(images via From The Desk Of... blog)

Studio Time: At The Wheel Again

A couple of weekends ago I tried my hand again at the wheel... it's been almost two years... Can you believe it? Well... Navajo Wheel is butter, which makes it so delicious but also so cantankerous if you're out of practice. This, sadly, is all I got in about an hour's worth of throwing. They are still in my damp-box, waiting for some white slip mishima, growing mold, and probably structurally deteriorating because of it.

We'll see. I'm kind of going through a clay-oriented chrysalis-stage at the moment. Stick with me, though... there might be wings on the other side.


Spring Open Studios 2011

Come stop by and check out our work at Red Brick Studio if you are in the neighborhood this weekend! I'd love the visitors. ;)

Friday Preview Party, 6-9pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm
@ 2111 Mission Street #305

See you there!

Studio Time: Textile 'Paintings'

So... just a little update on what I am working on now. I consider these studies for what will eventually develop into textile paintings of sorts. And I see these also branching off and growing into ceramic scrolls... Have you ever considered how similar embroidery and mishima are?

Molly Hatch, I might have finally found the proper application for your fancy technique.

P.S. Folks, don't worry. I have not forgotten about clay. I just have been a bad studio girl lately. More projects coming soon.

Projet Color Theory: Mexican Rainbow

Sometimes color can really surprise you... It wasn't until doing the color study of this brilliant alley in San Miguel de Allende, México that I realized this photograph had a rainbow palette. When looking at the photograph I see orange, yellow, blue, and a little grey in the concrete. But when you look for actual colors in the photograph you see that the door is actually a redish hue and the underside of the awning an apple green. Not only can shadow change color like this but the mere placement of colors beside each other shifts our perception. Though, logically, I know that the door is probably stained wood (you can see the grain if you look closely) it appears orange at first next to the orange door jamb and then secondly I find that one of the colors of the door in the photograph is actually a brick red. Josef Albers is the king of this concept and you can read more about it in the revised edition of his book Interaction of Color.

This color theory stuff is crazy!

(original image by Katey Joy via sfgirlbybay)

Rebecca Appleby

Decalorama! I love how Rebecca Appleby is pursuing ceramics as a medium. Are these pieces vessels or paintings or sculptures? Well, they seem to be all three. I love that each of these pieces has so much to look at. I imagine finding secret little compositions all over each piece... This kind of mastery over surface reminds me of Diana Fayt and Julia Galloway, no?

(images via artist's website)


Muddy Bloggers Cocktail Hour at CCACA

Warhol's Factory via This and That and More of the Same

So several folks have expressed interest in planning a 'blogging ceramists' meet-up during California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts this year. But I can't seem to find everyone's email so we can get it together. Born out of my frustration, I am giving a shout out here on the blog. Kinda ironic, no?

Who all is interested in the Muddy Bloggers Cocktail Hour at CCACA? Send me an email so we can get this party bus rollin'! ;)



Adero Willard

I love Willard's rich surface design... The patterns and colors are so graphic and expertly paired, and all the texture and patch-working reminds me of old quilts or Marimekko textiles (the artist is inspired by a variety of textile traditions). Sometimes pottery with that 'patchwork' feel can be kinda hokey, but not Willard's work. These pieces are relaxed and modern and so cheerful.

(images via Ferrin Gallery and artist's website)

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