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Adero Willard

I love Willard's rich surface design... The patterns and colors are so graphic and expertly paired, and all the texture and patch-working reminds me of old quilts or Marimekko textiles (the artist is inspired by a variety of textile traditions). Sometimes pottery with that 'patchwork' feel can be kinda hokey, but not Willard's work. These pieces are relaxed and modern and so cheerful.

(images via Ferrin Gallery and artist's website)


Honest Works said...

wow! this stuff is off the hook

Michael Kline said...

I love these pots too! To borrow Steven Colby's phrase, "These are pots that I'd wished I'd made"!!

JosieJurczenia said...

These pots are amazing. I second Michael Kline's comment.

Linda Fahey said...

I keep thinking of these...serious impact!

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