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Muddy Bloggers Cocktail Hour at CCACA

Warhol's Factory via This and That and More of the Same

So several folks have expressed interest in planning a 'blogging ceramists' meet-up during California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts this year. But I can't seem to find everyone's email so we can get it together. Born out of my frustration, I am giving a shout out here on the blog. Kinda ironic, no?

Who all is interested in the Muddy Bloggers Cocktail Hour at CCACA? Send me an email so we can get this party bus rollin'! ;)



FetishGhost said...

I'll buy a round Saturday!

Jenn Brazelton said...

Yes! Count my new blogging butt in!

Linda Fahey said...

I'm in! where? welcome to our world Jenn - good to have ya ;)

JosieJurczenia said...

Wish we could join in...always in for Happy Hour.... but can't make the conference this year. Have fun.

Jenn Brazelton said...

Thanks Linda.. I have so much to learn LOL.

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