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Highlights Pt. 2: The White Collection

Maria Kristofersson

I know, I know- Where have I been? Well, I've been busting my butt in school... that's where. I had a huge assignment due in my textiles class (my embroidered self portrait), a US History midterm (the chapters for which I hadn't yet read prior to spring break), and a paper due on Thursday in Islamic Art History on a book I just finished reading yesterday (30% of my grade people). So... needless to say, I've been slacking when it comes to maintaining this wonderful blog, and I'm sorry... One more month of the most insane semester ever and then I'll be free- well, at least for a couple months.

Okay, enough excuses...

I've gathered a group of artist's today that I wanted to remind you about.  Their work is all wonderful and I'm sure everyone will be inspired by at least one of these artists.  There is something so crisp and delicate about white. Contrary to the popular view that it acts like a blank canvas, I think white  is much more active than that. It does amazing things with shadows to accentuate the relationships between dips and curves, angles and lines, positive and negative, interior and exterior. Details are magnified by white, volume explodes and weight disappears.

Leave a note, share your relationship with white... Do you embrace or steer clear from the neutral of all neutrals?


Linda Fahey said...

nice re-entry! Fabulous work - don't forget Sunday girl!

FetishGhost said...

I Love white! I've been thinking about taking up print making, but now I'm having second thoughts and I'm thinking that I should stick to embossing a white clay body and put it out there.

Study hard, it's worth it!

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