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Sara Paloma

I'm sure most folks who find this blog won't need an introduction to Sara Paloma. Her work is, well... well known. Her city-scape bottles can be found in galleries across the country, on blogs across the blogosphere, and in design magazines galore.

But I'm not posting about this artist because of how well known she is. I'm not even posting about her because of how incredible her work is. I'm posting about her because she was the absolute highlight of my day at the Renegade Craft Fair this year. I purchased a couple of her seconds, that's what a student artist can afford, and I love them. Paloma's work looks stunning even with cracks, breakage, and glaze flaws which, in my humble opinion, speaks volumes to her talent. But even as happy as I was to be able to take home some of Paloma's work, I was more thankful for the kind words she had for me when we spoke. In our short interaction, the artist inspired me with her encouragement and humility, her kind words and calmness. She told me she never imagined she would be able to make a living making art, but in fact that's what she does now. She told me it was possible and if I loved clay as much as she does, which it sounded like I did, that I should give it a go. So I think I will.

It's such a silly stereotype, the tortured artist, but it's one based in a reality of sorts. I think you have to give up worrying about whether or not you are going to 'make it' or if you have 'enough talent' to warrant dedicating your life to this path if you want to actually create anything worth creating. But that is even more difficult to do than to write, as an artist's livelihood greatly relies on her/his success.

Anyway, this is all just a tangent now. So sorry, this is supposed to be mostly a picture blog. ;)

The artist's shop.
The artist's website.

(images via artist's website, flickr member pud_pud, MudFire, and frolic!)

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