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Felt Lampshade



I made this lampshade a while ago following this tutorial on Design*Sponge... Well maybe a couple months ago. It took forever. I hand cut all the little felt circles.  I think there must have been over 400... and dang it- I used most of 'em up on this one lampshade, which would be fine if there weren't another lampshade embarrassingly naked and hiding out on the other side of the bed.  So now I'm in a dilema... I really can't imagine spending several more hours cutting and gluing little felt circles but-- the lampshade turned out so darn cute that I desperately want another one. Plus the shades kinda have to be a matching pair since the lamp bases are entirely different styles.  Call me old-fashioned, I know.

I think there may be a solution to this problem, though: a circle cutter. I know, this sounds like a mystical object but, though there is debate around this tools ability to cut through felt, it does exist and seems like it's worth a try.

I dunno, this could end up being a not so cheap DIY lamp shade.

1 comment:

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Soo cute. I can see how that would be really time consuming though. Does it collect dust? I'm afraid one in my house would look like it was flocked in about a week.

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