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Mug of the Month: March and April

Okay, so I got a little behind on this one... But at least I came through. My artisan mug collection is now four deep thanks to my most recent acquisitions. The first, a stunning liquid holder from my friend and studio mate-neighbor, the ever talented Scott Jennings.  He works impeccably in slab construction. And for working in a process that's all about flat he sure creates some voluptuous pieces. The particular style that I purchased reminds me of a blow fish, wave, coral-encrusted rock. Hence the lovely oceanic scene above. It fits though, doesn't it? 

P.S. The lip is a beauty on this one.

Next is my super-dooper surprise mug from the Molly Hatch workshop. I know, you're shocked I picked this as my April mug. It's beautiful. I am so inspired by her illustrative techniques and I love the pinched feel of this mug. It has what Molly refers to as 'evidence of her hand' and makes the piece all the more lovely.  I've been drinking from it night and day: Morning coffee? Check. Midday tea? Check. Evening wine? Double check. I want more!

Okie doke, we've got a Fourth and Clay sale tomorrow morning and a Gwendolyn Yoppolo workshop at the end of the month. A million bucks to whoever can guess next month's pick!

Wait. Did I say a million bucks? I meant kuddos. Kuddos.

1 comment:

Michelle Summers said...

Okay, I must say I am really digging your photoshopin abilities. Also Molly Hatch definitely has a place in my heart, so envious am I of your new cup acquisition.

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