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On Etsy: Scott Jennings

artist's Etsy shop
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I'm really excited to share with you the work of one of my new studio mates. I stumbled accross Jennings' Etsy shop the other day out of nowhere and thought to myself, 'Hey, I know that guy!' I can't even express here how beautiful his work is. What is really refreshing is that Jennings creates these incredibly delicate pieces, but still manages to leave his work with a modern and masculine feel. I'm so happy to be working in a space with so many great artists like Jennings. So lucky.

(images via artist's Etsy shop)


Linda Fahey said...

WoW - I love these. I can't wait until you guys have your first studio show!

great pieces - thank you!

Jerry said...

That first mug actually made me gasp. Gorgeous work!! Thanks for introducing me to it.

Jesse Lu said...

@ Linda- well we're discussing our 'welcoming party' at out studio meeting this saturday. I'll be sure to let you know the date as soon as I know. ;)

@ Jerry... I gasped too when I saw them first. And then I was like holy toledo! I'm working right next to this awesome artist. I've got to step up my game! lol

artgirl said...

beautiful pieces. putting his mugs on my wish list.

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