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Work in Progress

Okay, last post today, I swear. I just got back from the studio and wanted to show you some of the stuff I've been working on.  I really like the idea of the 'pinched' pot at the moment and of these 'pierced' rock shaped handles.  They are really fun to make and I like the juxtapostiton of the rough shap and the exact 'holes' and geometric patterns, plus if all goes well, the colors will be bright and pop against a light stoneware body. Then I might try a lustre on top, like maybe silver on the handles... we'll see.

One trouble I can't figure out is how to keep fingernail marks out of the equation. Can anyone help me out with that? The ridiculous thing is- beware TMI- I'm a nail-biter so my nails are kept impossibly short. I have no idea how to create that exaggerated pinched texture without getting nail crescents in there.

Any advice? Or general input?


FetishGhost said...

I like where these are going and I really wouldn't worry about the fingernail marks, but that's a bigger story...

barbaradonovan said...

I like these. Fingernail marks don't bother me either. I like that sort of evidence of handmade and the maker. You could switch to porcelain and sponge them all away without raising grit, but might lose some freshness in the process.

vicki hartman said...

this work is really great, and i love the fun feeling of your blog, too!
definitely will be back!

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