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Off Subject: Eno Henze

This is just f()cking awesome.  And impressive, and humbling, and moving.  German artist Eno Henze creates drawings and paintings based on mathematical and scientific concepts- concepts I would love to stretch my brain around but probably never will.  Hot damn.

From the artist's website about the work pictured above:

The Subjektbeschleuniger (subject accelerator) mimics signatures subatomic particles leave in collision detectors such as installed at the CERN in Geneva. I have always been fascinated by the beauty and simplicity of these signatures as opposed to their invisible meaningfulness. I use these shapes to create an image that still carries the symbolic reference of these signatures but that is dispensed from scientific interpretability at the same time. The drawing becomes a mere symbol for a very fundamental search. What we do at institutions like the CERN is the cutting edge of contemporary enlightenment - with all the debatable implications of this term … So the drawing is not a scientific evidence, but rather an aesthetic evidence for our search for the absolute, for the fact that we want to know the rules that define the way our world works at its core.

(images via artist's own website)

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