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On Etsy: Kim Westad

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why I like it... Westad makes potting look so easy in this Etsy video, and I love that. To folks who have never set their hands upon a lump of clay on a speedily rotating wheel, the process of a skilled potter seems so effortless. Those of us, however, who have had the experience can appreciate the level of skill Westad has at the wheel for all the time and effort it took to get there. My favorite moment, which can be seen in this short segment, is pulling the rib up and over a piece at the last moment on the wheel... the smooth surface of the clay reveals the true form at that point and is the 'aaahhhhh' moment for me. As for Weston's designs, I enjoy her work mostly because of the texture she uses. She creates not simply a tactile surface, but a tactile surface that reads as illustration much of the time. It's just lovely. And the technique she uses for her texture, a form of slip trailing, is one I have yet to try, but this video inspires me to give it a go this upcoming semester.

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