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Tess Stilwell

I have been meaning to post some of Tess Stilwell's work for over a year, so that the original images I chose to share were exchanged for the shots of these adorable cups from the artist's thesis series. I really love how the patterning and characters have evolved in this work. The quality of line, the placement, the subject matter, and the amount of imagery have reached a very balanced aesthetic. Don't you think?

P.S. So sorry for my absence. I have been busy with so much lately. Including my Kickstarter project. Woot Woot. Thank you to all my (Mud)Bucket friends and readers who supported me and helped make it such a success. :)

(images via artist's website with permission)


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Interesting work. The little character is endearing.

Jerry said...

I totally <3 these pots. Thanks for the introduction!

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