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Rick Berman

When I came accross these raku fired pieces by Rick Berman, all the reasons I love this technique came flooding back to me. I haven't had the chance to participate in a raku firing in a while, but these nebulous color bombs have me itching for another go.

How about all of you- How often to you get around to a raku fire? What's your favorite aspect of this technique?

(images via artist's website)


Andy"Stone Monkey" Pearson said...

Thanks for showing the Raku. I like the second pot the best. I usually get round to raku firing once a month. Loose some pieces in the process but it is still worth it.



Jesse Lu said...

That is the price of admittance isn't it. The last raku I did I lost my two favorite pieces. But the process is still so exciting, the loss doesn't much matter.

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