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Mike Jabbur

I am longing to find a way to get the sort of wobbly je ne c'est quoi into my work like Mike Jabbur has perfected. My favorite part of his work are the handles, I love those chunky joints don't you?

Anyone have advice on making a pinch of wonkiness look perfect?

(images via accessCeramics, Santa Fe Clay, and Art Axis)


Linda Fahey said...

Hi JLu! Hope your trip is super fun.
so about Mike Jabbur - the wonkyness is great as it's done without any cheekyness. I'm trying to fully embrace the handles!

Happy New Year Gurrrrl!

Jesse Lu said...

My trip is going...We've been having fun, leaving to Santa Fe tomorrow I'm so excited! I hope I get to leave with some ceramic treasures!

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