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Connie Norman

Many of you probably follow Norman's blog and are familiar with her work but I wanted to share some images of her work for those of you who might not be familiar yet. I love Norman's use of text as pattern and the way she integrates other pattern and color into the pieces as well. If you don't already follow Norman's blog, you should visit and bookmark it now.

(images via artist's website)


Allison McGowan

I love the risk that McGowan takes with her shapes, for example the vase above.  It's very brave. And once again, those running glazes, the textures, the pattern. Love it!

(images via artist's website)


Virginia Graham


I love the patchwork feel of these pieces and the fact that they still are so utterly English!

(images via artist's website)


Chris Antemann

I'm really interested in the excavation of the porcelain figurine in contemporary ceramics right now. Chris Antemann is getting a lot of attention for her work right now and I'm actually quite fond of it myself.  I enjoy the scenes she creates and think some of them are quite interesting takes on modern concepts of gender and sexuality.

(images via Ferrin Gallery)


Karin Eriksson

Another artist mad about decals. I really like Eriksson's combination of folksy shape and victorian florals. And the way she almost uses the decals as a collage on each piece is super modern.  I particularly love the shape of the mug just above though I'm curious how that handle works out... What do you guys think?

(images via artist's website)


Mark Knott

Mark Knott's pots are so dreamy... the colors, glaze running, patterns, shapes, textures. Is that a strontium and shino combo you think?

(images via artist's website)


Shoko Teruyama

I am so jealous. This artist's skill for marrying shape, form, color, texture, and pattern is incredible.  I wonder how long the process takes to create a piece like the lotus platter (second above).

(images via artist's website)


Lois Harbaugh

I really enjoy the combination of raw and glazed ceramic surface.  I also really love the juxtaposition of classical or refined shapes and contemporary imagery. The latter seems to be appearing more and more in contemporary ceramic art. Sometimes this pairing is done seamlessly and provokes real contemplation and discussion... other times I think it's just like cutting shapes from a magazine and modge-podging them onto an otherwise beautiful vessel. 

How do you think this style works best?

(images via Pacini Lubel Gallery and Flickr)


Lea Zoltowski

What are these creepy-girly sculptures? Plush, skeletal fabrications of bizarreness. I'm not really sure if I like these sculptures but I am extremely intrigued and am dying to know more of the story behind them, like where the artist draws most of her inspiration from.

(images via artist's Flickr and artist's website)


Lisa Katzenstein

This British potter's vessels are like three dimensional pastel illustrations.  They are so beautiful!

(images via artist's website)

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