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Mark Knott

Mark Knott's pots are so dreamy... the colors, glaze running, patterns, shapes, textures. Is that a strontium and shino combo you think?

(images via artist's website)


Kings Creek Pottery said...

Thanks for making me wipe the drool off my chin!

These are incredible~ and I had to see more, so went to his website...absolutely gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice colors, surface design, but the forms are too "loose" for my taste. It seems like if he "slowed down" and put his soda treatments on really killer forms that the pots wuld be absolutely exceptional. The tall silo jars are "there," I think, but need some proportions tweaked.
Good stuff, and not resorting to shock and irony to achieve an interesting result.
Thanks Jesse Lu!


Patricia Griffin said...

Beautiful work. I'm especially drawn to that first teapot. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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