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Studio Time: Preparing to fire for the first time


Tonight I loaded one of the kilns and embarked on my first real glaze firing at Red Brick Studio. I'm so nervous, but also extremely excited. Unloading will happen promptly tomorrow evening around 7. Eek! Can't wait to share what happened.

Also these are a couple of test pots of Leslie's U-Series underglazes  (at ^6). These things are super amazing and most fire all the way to ^10 with very little change in color. Does anyone have any suggestions for another underglaze series that hold their brilliancy that high?


Linda Starr said...

I've used Mayco stroke and coat glazes to Cone 10 (even reduction), most stay true, some fade, reds a bit more. I put on two to three coats.

I've also made up my own mason stains in slip and used as underglaze to cone 10.

Linda Fahey said...

nice color - that was a 10? I really like the grey on the second pot - what is that Jesse?

Jesse Lu said...

The grey is U-Series Sage Grey. Awesome right? I love the way it came out also. It makes me want to try these underglazes on Black Mountain.

Jesse Lu said...

OOps... Actually I think it's U-Series Raspberry Grey. I'll have to get back to you with a confirmation.

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