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Mug of the Month: November (plus a bonus)

Okay, I know I have been absent for some time, but three studio classes nearing finals, holidays, and being sick a whole bunch has consumed 110% of my time. My mug collection, however, will not suffer. Above is November's addition to the squat and handled family- a charming bluebird number by none other than Ron Philbeck. I have been adoring Ron's work, and this character in particular, for months now. I finally bit the bullet and decided she would make such a lovely member of my collection. She will forever remind me of this year's Thanksgiving which was the happiest I've ever had... Thanks Ron!

I also had a very special surprise last month... Kelly and Adam of Honest Works Pottery, sent me a very unexpected gift in the mail- a beautiful white stoneware mug. I couldn't have been happier upon opening the box. Not only was the gift such an exciting surprise but the mug itself reminds me so of the cheerful aesthetic I'm always in pursuit of as an artist. I love the giant bursting green flower and the tiny little yellow scales and the flirty little foot. Thank you so much, Kelly and Adam. This truly is a happy little pot!


Ron said...

Thank YOU! Glad you like the Blue Bird Mug. Great photo! Best,Ron

matthew_machine said...

Hi Jesse! My mug of the month was from Ron too! Great minds....

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