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On Etsy: Melanie Sherman

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Why I like it: It is when I see work like this that I am reminded why I love ceramics so much. The possibilities are endless and unknown, the beauty is absolute magic. The way the glazes interact on these cups, the gorgeous fluidity of the shapes, the bold choice in colors, and the subtle yet striking textural accents just blow me away.  I'm going to add, that all these pieces above are available for sale  as of now on Etsy. Also, as usual, if you'd like to see the larger version just click on he photo. These cups really deserve to be enjoyed more closely.


Mel said...

Thanks for having me :)

Jesse Lu said...

Thanks for making beautiful pottery, Mel!

migle said...

i love it!!!! omg i want one!!!!!! r u selling them??

Jesse Lu said...

Migle... these pots are for sale on Mel's Etsy for which I've provided a link in the post. ;)

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