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Kate MacDowell

Many of you are probably already familiar with Kate MacDowell. She is a pretty incredible artist. I was inspired to share some of her work not only because I absolutely love it but also because I've been coming across her work in the larger art world. MacDowell is crossing over much like Beth Cavener Stichter and I feel like this happens all too rarely for ceramic artists.  Anyway, I just wanted to throw a little high five out there for this artist. ;)

(images via accessCeramics)


Jeff said...

I am excited by the use of light and translucent porcelain (right?). Think of the possibilities! Are there other artists who have combined light and clay in interesting ways?

FetishGhost said...

Wow... never heard of her before, but I love what she's doing. I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot more about her soon.

Jesse Lu said...

Zygote, I shoulda known you would love this chick! lol Glad to introduce you.

Mel said...
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Mel said...

I see that she has a piece at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia - so I must've seen her piece when I was there for NCECA. I bet the Mutter Museum (http://www.collphyphil.org/mutter_collection.htm) just creeped me out so much that I can't remember much of the exhibit at the exit of the museum (which was actually my favorite one, because I got to see one of Jason Briggs pieces). Very cool!

claire loder said...

Thanks for this post - I've not seen Kate MacDowell's work before or the access ceramics site -a great resource!

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