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Dharma Strasser Maccoll

Dharma Strasser-Maccoll was my very first ceramic teacher in college.  More than anything she taught me that there is a limitless realm of possibilities out there for ceramics.  She always encouraged me to think outside the box and not feel limited by or to one medium.  You can see why she offered such advice by looking at these pieces above. Maccoll is a trained painter who fell madly in love with clay as an alternative medium while in school. Now she has married the two and and creates beautiful, abstract illustrations on fine artisan paper using watercolor, silk thread, and thousands of tiny porcelain beads that she sculpts by hand. In addition to her fine art, Maccoll also creates a darling pottery collection which she sells in local shops around the Bay Area. I guess there's always that little part of us, no matter how far out we get, that needs to return to the pot every once in a while, huh?

(images via artist's own website and Walker Contemporary)

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