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Anthropologie Sandals

I fell absolutely in love with these sandals in the Anthropologie Spring catalog. But for some silly reason three-hundred-plus dollars didn't seem really reasonable for such little sandals that I seemingly could manage to create myself.  So I searched and searched for weeks to find some cheap little strappy flats that I could pimp out myself with sweet bows.  I found these babies at Target for $15, the perfect price point for this DIY challenge. The bows are variations from this pattern and were whipped up using Lion Brand Microspun acrylic yarn in French Vanilla and an E hook.  I stitched them on using some heavy duty thread and a glovers needle (used for leather, or in this case pleather). Took me a couple hours all and all, but I really like the way they turned out...


Hue said...

awesome!! turned out so well!!

Toni (aka Sparky) said...

Way to go! And you have pretty feet, too!

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