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Mug of the Month: February

Oh February, you were sooooo dreary. Thank goodness I received this little beauty in the mail to make my mornings at my desk all the more cozy.

This month's darling mug comes from Dawn Ferguson of Ferguson Pottery in Orlando, Florida.  It's a smooth, rich earthenware body (my favorite) with a velvety periwinkle glaze and charming foliage motifs. It's absolutely lovely and quite different from her work I'm most familiar with, which is much brighter and also wonderful.

Take a look at Ferguson's Etsy shop as well as her website to see more images of her work.


P.S. I totally just signed up for the Molly Hatch workshop at Fourth and Clay in Berkeley, CA. You should be jealous. ;)

1 comment:

katherine said...

I'm as excited to see the photo backgrounds you choose for this project as much as I'm excited to see the mugs...

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