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Studio Time: Acid Dyed Silk

 We just completed the second module in my textiles class- dying, led by textile artist Barbara Shapiro. At first, I wasn't digging it, but after a couple extra hours of practice it became a lot more fun. And, no matter what, the colors were fantastic.

We learned the concepts of basic acid dying procedures and techniques. Blocking, discharging, and Arashi Shibori. It was pretty fun considering I've never done dying before, outside of tie-dying cotton t-shirts and socks.

The techniques we learned, although still at the beginning level, were far more sophisticated than scrunching with rubber bands.

Though I did some of that as well. Old habits die hard. Pun intended.;

My finished pieces came out a lot better than I had expected after the first run, which had been pretty humbling. I've always gotten the hang of things pretty quickly... but dying took a little more work than I am used to.  But, try, try, and try again... and you'll get anything eventually.

Take a look at this awesome blog I just ran across, also. ShiboriGirl is hella talented and has a wonderful Etsy shop.


Will Perrin said...

Beautiful work sweetie, as usual, I am impressed.

Jesse Lu said...

That's the one I thought! yes.....

Will Perrin said...

I bet she would love the brown flowered one sweetie.

Jesse Lu said...

Which one do you think Mama would like best? We only get to keep two and I wanted to give her one.

Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

These are very nice. I particularly like the brown one. You are well on your way.

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