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Joe Page

More whimsy.  Forgive me, I have been terribly ill for the last couple days, hence no posts yesterday. So, though I don't have much energy to write about why I like Joe Page's work, I wanted to leave you with some photos that might speak for themselves... Maybe you can tell me, why do you like Page's work, or maybe why don't you like it? Has anyone seen it up close and personal?

(images via artist's website)


Elie's Papel said...

this is perfect for today that Alice in wonderland premieres... happy friday!

Tiffany said...

So I realize this post was from a while ago but I came across it looking up Joe...

He had a show at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery in Spokane WA in November (2010). It was such a perfect space for his instillation. It's a smaller gallery with extremely tall ceilings and a cement floor. In one corner it was painted bright blue all the way up and to view the work you walked around through the candy coated world. The fragile porcelain, crisp vinyl and fluffy perfect styrofoam clouds made for a delightfully surprising environment. There is still tiny bits of left over blue dashes on the floor they will be leaving in the gallery for as long as they last.

It was breathtaking and magical, and Joe is super nice. I couldn't believe he cut that much vinyl so perfectly - by hand!

And I wrote a book - sorry!
♥ Tiffany Patterson

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