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Talkin' Dirty: Jenni Brant

 "Finding your ‘signature style’ is kind of like shopping for the perfect outfit. You have to try lots of things on to find out what fits you best, what you feel most comfortable in, and what you can stand confidently behind. My advice to budding artists is to know your materials inside & out. Become familiar with all the techniques associated with your materials - once you know the limits & rules you can push them and break them. Pay attention and stay alert in your day-to-day life so you can take note of the things that attract you and repulse you - use that as information and inspiration in the work you make. Don’t try to make work like your artist heroes, just try to make your work. Read - look - sketch - make - play. And don’t rush it - enjoy the ride and the surprises that happen along the way."

Jenni Brant via Heart Handmade

P.S. If you haven't already seen Brant's website, you should take a peak. It's absolutely lovely.

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