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There are a million and a half reasons that I want to visit India- the arcitechture, the textiles, the people, the geography, the elephants...

But Holi ranks pretty high up there as far as reasons to visit India go. Not that you can't experience Holi elsewhere in the world. Wonderfully, it happens in many cities around the world with strong Hindu communities.

But somehow I imagine Holi's the best celebrated in India... Kinda like Carnival in Rio. You can do it elsewhere, and it's still a blast, but in it's home, a party is always best...


Jerry said...

Thanks so much for this post. I had seen some pictures of a friend's trip to India and I had no idea why he and his wife were multicolored! This explains a lot :)

onegrandhome said...

India really is an aesthetic feast. Why can't Christmas, for instance, be this beautiful?

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