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Mug of the Month: January

I'm on a new project.

It's called Mug of the Month.

Basically, every month I'm going to buy a handmade mug.

And then I'm going to show it to you in the following month, or as soon as I get it.

And it's going to be fun.

Because I'm going to amass a fabulous collection of mugs.

And you'll get to see it.

Last month was mug number one, January's mug.  It was thrown by Robert Siegel and surfaced by Stephanie Kao. It is absolutely splendid. I bought it in Stephanie Kao's Etsy shop.


Hue said...

awesome project, can't wait to see all the cool mugs!!

Michael Kline said...

Great idea!

Linda Fahey said...

J-Lu - Love it! Who doesn't love a good mug!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

A great theme

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