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John Williams

I like the base concept of these pieces and the gold luster/white glaze combo... but I still feel like it needs a little more of something. Don't get me wrong, I think the simplicity is part of what draws me to these images in the first place, but there is a bit of a blank space left when I think about them.  Maybe it would be different if I saw these in person. I do also love the cylindric globes that Williams sculpts, another post perhaps...

Update: It's been over a year and a half since I posted about this work and I have to say, my opinion has shifted slightly. I really love these pieces. As I've become more and more familiar with different artists and styles, I find myself appreciating the subtleties and differences among them more and more. Is that the idea behind a refined palate? I know longer look at these pieces and feel something's missing... instead they look just right.

How do you feel about minimalism in art?

 (images via accessCeramics)

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