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Hayao Miyazaki

This man is amazing! I just finished watching Castle in the Sky (first still) and it was awesome.  It's only the second of Miyazaki's films I've seen, the first was Howl's Moving Castle (second still) which was also dead brilliant.  These films are so magical and fun but are intelligent and creative enough to peak an adult's imagination, too.  Perhaps that's the reason this write/director has so many prestigious awards under his belt.

I used to feel kinda guilty about the fact that I loved children's films so much.  But one of the things that The Happiness Project (my current 'self-help guilty pleasure) reiterates is the importance of being true to yourself and not feeling guilt for liking or disliking things that you shouldn't or should.  For instance, the other day I admitted, to a friend, for the first time, that I really didn't like to 'go out'... that I wasn't into partying for partying's sake.  I used to feel ashamed about this, as if it were a social deficit, when in reality all it means to me is that I prefer more face time with my friends.  I'm totally down with a cocktail party for instance, where I can dress to the nines, booze it up, and catch up with my friends with some audible conversation.  But dance clubs? No freakin' way.  I panic in crowds.  Likewise, I'm coming to grasps with the fact that I love animated films- Pixar, Mayazaki, Dreamworks... the whole shebang.  And you know why?  They make me feel happy and they inspire my imagination. Imagine that... adults can love the same things as kids for the same reasons.

Anyway... I am adding three new movies to my Netflix queue tonight- My Neighbor Totorro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Spirited Away. The three trailers above correspond.  My honey is just gonna have to suffer through them... I'll make sure to rent some historical dramas and spy flicks so he can have fun, too.

Tell me, do any of you watch kiddie flicks? Which ones?

(portrait of Miyazaki via Daianime)

1 comment:

Michael Kline said...

We have all of his movies. They are amazing!

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