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Debbie Kupinksy

What I really like about these pieces is Kupinsky's use of color and surface treatment.  It reminds me of watercolor and sketchings... combined with the childhood theme it feels very nostalgic.  There is something about the figures, though, that don't feel finished. I can't tell if Kupinsky is abstracting the figure into a child-level rendition or is actually lacking the skill herself to express a child figure in one way or the other. Does anyone understand what I mean by that?  Sometimes I feel in my own work that I abstract to keep from really learning a form, and I think that's the kind of cheating you want to stay away from, right?  I dunno, now I'm rambling.  Regardless, there is something about this artist's work that grabs me... Okay actually, the more I look at it the more I realize that Kupinsky's skill level is there, this is her abstract expression of a personal concept and the more I look at these pieces the more I like them.  I think they would be even more engrossing in person. The whole abstract to hide lack of skill thing is my own personal hang-up.  Don't you hate that as artist's our own self-criticism so often clouds our judgment of others?  Note to self- Keep an eye out for Debbie Kupinsky in the Bay Area.

(images via artist's own website)


www.jeffmartinceramics.blogspot.com said...

hey i do the same thing...i tell myself, as long as i am making art, there is no cheating. to me great art is about absolute expression, not skill in the end...

Linda Fahey said...

nice catch...I do that with work that I don't like. It's harder for me not to be a tad superficial and dismissive of work I just am not attracted to. But therein lies a real lesson on objectivity. Good post.

and yes, her work only takes an extra second to catch your attention and there is some significance there - whether you like the style or not. I'd love to see these real time.

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