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Off Subject: Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood's work has been popping up everywhere for me... eaning on all the blogs I read... and his work is incredible magical.  I think I am especially drawn to it because many of the scenes he manipulates look fantastically similar to familiar locations from my life- the California coastline, the Redwood rain forests,  the alpine lakes of Sierra Nevada.  These images enact all the impossible imaginings I had as a child (and still have) for these places so dear to my heart.

Just gorgeous.

(images via Induro, DG Design Network, Gold Collar Worker, 5000k, and Pix Feed LA)


Mel said...

gorgeous! thanks for posting this!!

Anonymous said...

He's no Andy Goldsworthy.

Jesse Lu said...

You're right, Anon 1:24, Underwood isn't Andy Goldsworthy. I love Goldsworthy, he's one of my favorite artists of all time. But I'm also extremely turned on by the use of light in natural spaces (no pun intended) which is why I'm showing Underwood's work among others. You can see more artist's who use light to interact with their environments by clicking on the 'Light' chapter tag. And it's true that artist's like Underwood are heavily influenced by Goldsworthy's work, it can't be denied. But all artists inspire eachother, which is the beauty of the evolution of art. :)

Keep a look out, I th

Jesse Lu said...

... eh, hem... I think I'll do a Goldsworthy post soon. ;) Thanks for the reminder.

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