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Weekend Rewind

Good Morning!

I'm heading off to the studio for an early meeting today.  Afterwards I get to set up my space and then work on some things I need to finish up for school, like the 'diamond' pictured above. Remember those 'Sims' geodes that I posted about at the beginning of the semester? Some of you found them interesting and others were like, WTF, for example my mom. Well here's what. All the geodes are being hand painted with underglaze in bright colors and amusing patterns.  Then they'll get shuffled around into an appropriate sculpture.  I'm thinking a lot about Frank Stella here but mostly it's just an experiment in shape and color and pattern.  Hopefully I'll be inspired to make something more intelligent after I've seen what happens.

Well... I leave you with no links today in particular, since things have been slower and I don't really know if folks are into the weekend recap.  You can take a gander through this weeks posts if you want to, there aren't that many. If you do anything though, go check out Heather's blog and enter her giveaway for some DaulHaus ornaments... They are sweet little wintery trinkets that would be pretty strung up on a holiday tree or just around the house to celebrate this time of year. 

Have a great weekend!

P.S. The colors are purple, red, and yellow.

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