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Studio Time: Nice Bod... and What I'm Working On 'n' Such

So part of the assignment this semester is experimenting with new clay bodies. Ugh... But I know what I like, I think. I'm pretty much an 8-11 Red kinda girl.The texture works equally well for my sculptures and pottery and has such a beautiful color when high-fired in the gas kilns or rakued or pitfired, you get the point. I have previously also really loved working with Hopkins White, but I hear the formulation has recently changed which is perhaps why I am having the hardest time getting a hold of it this semester. Alas, I will have to try something new for a few reasons now.

I recently purchased a bag each of Rod's Bod, Silverstone, and Southern Ice. I'm looking very forward to seeing how they come out in the different firings I'll be taking part in this semester. So far Rod's Bod feels like a decent sculpture mix, though the expected color when fired doesn't exactly thrill me. Silverstone has felt great. A very smooth body which makes for a wonderful tactile experience and enough sand to make it structurally hold it's own weight. Southern Ice is everything I expected: buttery, brilliant, and a complete bitch to work with. What you are willing to pay sometimes for the price of beauty. I can't wait to try some slab work with it and throw it into the soda fire, though. Oooh I can just imagine the colors!

I'm also planning on trying some Reeves Porcelain*, Black Mountain, and Sandstone Buff this semester which I am really looking forward to. I've got to remember to throw a little bit this semester as well, or I'm gonna lose it. Yeesh. I'm starting to realize why professional potters can be such stress nuts. Clay is a very busy medium it you want to get the most from it.

Anywho, has anyone tried any of these clay bodies that I've mentioned? If so, what's been your experience?

*Is this the correct name of the clay body? At this point I am unsure of its origins. I will find out.

(Rod's Bod is a Laguna body, Silverstone and Sandstone Buff are Quyle Kilns bodies, 811 Red is an Industrial Minerals Company body, Black Mountain and Hopkin's White are Aardvark bodies, and Southern Ice is a Clayworks body)

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Anonymous said...

Just to be clear. Are these pieces yours? They're gorgeous. And if so, are they for sale? Let me know...

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