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Weekend Rewind

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Today I was completely free which meant a visit with a very good friend accompanied by a fresh brunch and delicious tea. My friend, Crys, is a wizard in the kitchen and always inspires me to cook better and more. Sort of like Jamie Oliver, who I adore. Sometimes when I feel stressed about time and getting things done in my life, I forget the importance of cooking. It slows you down, relaxes you, nourishes and inspires you. And it's totally fun and sooo rewarding. I've purchased Cook with Jamie for friends before but never for myself. Today I bit the bullet and grabbed a used copy so my honey and I can enjoy it, too.

I feel like potters, and perhaps ceramic artists in general, have a reputation of being wonderful cooks... I can't argue. I think we are fantastic in the kitchen. Maybe it's because working with clay teaches us the rewards of patience and good technique, but really I don't know.

So, it's Open 4 Discussion: Why do you think potters are so great in the kitchen?

And on another note, what are your favorite recipes, cookbooks, or celeb chefs?

Oh yes, and art. Here's a brief recap of the MVPs (most valuable posts) of last week...

On Etsy: Hue Yang: Again... I can't afford one of Hue's darling pieces yet, but if anyone else can and wants to buy one for a friend, I think that's a great idea. ::wink, wink::

Noelle Nakama and Jason Dunn Workshop: Got a couple sweet tips in this one.

Stillwell 2009: I didn't enter this year. (Mental note: make sure to next year.) But Our 2nd year grad student, Miss Shenny Cruces, is showing this year and her work is killer rad.

Off Subject: Frank Stella: I'm drawing a boat load of inspiration from Stella right now. So I'm pushing him on all of you, too.


1 comment:

cookingwithgas said...

I think it's true.
Potters love to eat and love to cook.
And they like good food.

I love Jamie I am a big fan to his straight up way with food.
He does a potato salad I use all the time.
toss the potatos with onion, capers, celery, olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar- salt pepper and herbs.
serve at room temp.
Yum- off to play on your blog.

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