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Workshop Review: Noelle Nakama and Jason Dunn

Better late then never, here are some photos of the workshop we had earlier in the semester with Noelle Nakama and Jason Dunn. I'm sad I didn't get any photos of Nakama throwing. Both Dunn and Nakama were very nice and I learned a few good things between the two of them. Both potters were students at SFSU but throw very differently. Dunn throws kinda wabi sabi where Nakama is very precise. Both potters end with gorgeous aesthetics though. My favorite tip from Dunn was to pull handles off your mugs easily by starting with a coil the size of your thumb, tip to first knuckle. The most useful Nakama tip? She uses carbon sheets to trace her drawings onto her mugs before painting over them with black underglaze. Genius. Can't wait to try that one.

(cup images via artist's website- first is Dunn's and second Nakama's)


Linda Fahey said...

Isn't Jason so cool! I like his style and his workshop style.

Love Noelle's work - would love to do a workshop with her! Lucky you!

Hue said...

cool!! I have to repost this for Noelle and Jason :-)

Noelle Nakama said...

Well lookey here--This is Awesome!! Thanks Jesse!
I had a lot of fun that day. SF State is so great and the students are still the coolest around!

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