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Studio Time: Production Weekend: Episode 1

Well... this all is the documentation I gathered from the first day of throwing for Production Weekend. Despite it's name Production Weekend lasts about six weekends, the first three of which we are throwing strictly for the holiday sale in November. The last three weekends (one of which I will be unfortunately missing) we are free to throw whatever we'd like to also sell at the holiday sale and reap some profit for ourselves.

I was slightly surprised when Kuraoka asked me to join the Production Weekend team as he'd never seen me throw and I kinda freaked out a little about the commitment... but then my boyfriend smacked me out of it and told me I should take the opportunity and that I would learn a lot. And he was right, as usual. I threw 26 bowls in 6 hours today, which isn't the fastest, but it was the first time I'd thrown with porcelain- ever. I don't think Kuraoka knew that, not that it mattered as I did alright. I think by the end of the semester I should be a much better thrower.

Collectively I'm thinking we threw about 300 bowls. Maybe even more. They were everywhere when I left. Whew, there's nothing like throwing over and over and over... and over again to improve your skill. I'm sure glad I listened to my man.

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