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On Etsy: Carole Epp

I don't recall where I was first introduced to Carole Epp's work, but I know that recently I saw it again on Erin's blog accompanied by a lovely interview. (If you haven't read her blog yet it's fabulous and full of artist interviews which I find totally awesome and something I'd like to try one day.)

Epp has two distinct bodies of work which couldn't differ more from one another. She sculpts fantastically smart little figurines that tackle important societal issues on one hand and she has developed an elegant, sharp, and unique line of pottery which she is placing at the front lines of the war against disposability.

Both bodies are equally brilliant and I highly commend the artist for being able to maintain two completely different bodies of work at such high levels of artistry. I greatly admire this artist.

P.S. Epp has a great blog, too... and two etsy shops, one for her pottery and the other for her sculpture.

(images via artist's own website)

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carole epp said...

Hey Thanks! you're too sweet.

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