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Photographing Your Work

Photographing your work is very important. It comes second only to making the art itself. If you don't have photographs, and nice photographs, how is anyone going to ever see what is boxed up and stored in your attic or garage? Any photo is a good start, but having a nice photo makes your work look a million times more professional and skilled. It's true.

A light box is a cheap and easy way to go about getting nice photographs of your work without resorting to professional shots. In my opinion, done right, photos taken with a DIY light box can easily be used for a portfolio and definately will benefit your Etsy or Ebay shop. A couple days ago I followed the tutorial below and created my own light box for just a couple bucks.

Here's my box:

Here is a photo taken in said light box:

Be careful of super glossy or reflective objects. Lighting there can be a bit more tricky and needs better diffusing or you'll end up with a window pane effect on your photographed piece.

Like I said, photos are incredibly important. If I had been in the habit of taking photos the past few years, I would have a much more representative portfolio at this time. You never know what will happen. Your whole apartment building could catch fire and take every single piece of your artwork with it. Happened to me. Don't let it happen to you! Take photos. ;)

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