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Setting the Table: Crisp Black & White

kitchen via The Things blog

vase by Sam Scott (1); canisters by Nicholas Bivins (2); soap dish by Etsy seller Ibegley (3)

plates by Kathy King (4); tumblers by Katie Queen (5); salt and pepper shakers by Connie Norman (6); bowls by Takemura Yuri (7)

serving bowl by Eric Rempe (8); pitcher by Ryan Greenheck (9); platter by White Bike Ceramics (10)

 mug by Melissa Mencini (11); teacup and saucer by Kuehn Keramik (12); teapot by Sam Chung (13); cream and sugar set by Margaret Bohls (14)


If you have a photo that you'd like to see with a 'Table Setting' shoot me an email. I love a challenge.


Pottery Figurines said...

Wow! It's always amazed me how pottery can transform basic objects into works of art. Look at all the character you have with just two colors!!

Mel said...

I actually have a version of #11, but mine is dark blue and gold on porcelain. it's weird to see it in black and white ;)

simply beautiful collection you are showing us here!

connie said...

Wow!! Thanks for featuring my salt and pepper shakers in this beautiful blog post! I love how you presented all the ceramics. It could be a layout in a catalog. Way cool collection of pots. I love Kathy Kings plates!!

Kay | Discount Business Cards said...

Wow, amazing collection of pieces. Especially that cute teapot, I love its form and colors and of course the not so ordinary bowls, they are really nice.

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